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  • Terry Elmaleh

A "very" person - an emotional volcano

There are no half measures with this writer .......

He is very jealous, very passionate, wounds easily and offends easily. Loves and hates with all his heart. If he is not laughing then he is crying – you always know when you are in his company as he needs to make a statement no matter whether its negative or positive and he will try to go for full dramatic effect wherever possible. He has no qualms about saying it exactly like it is – or rather as he sees it!

BUT few could even imagine how much he hurts and how much pain he carries inside and how sensitive he is. He tries to hurt and cause pain before he is hurt and feels pain – a state he has long suffered and from which he knows no other way of releasing.

Concerning his relationships; he will allow superficial connections with others; keeping what he deems to be a deep and safe connection with very few and most often, only one, special person in his life.

Oh yes and he is also, very ardent, very affectionate whilst being continually stirred by abundant emotions and stirring the same in others. There is so much extra emotional energy in this writer that the tension and frustration leave him physically and emotionally exhausted but sadly at the same time finding difficulty in letting go of this excess and as a result struggling with relaxing and de-stressing.

An emotional volcano…………………

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