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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ about
Forensic Handwriting Analysis, Examination
and Identification.

What types of handwriting, signatures or documents can be checked 
by Forensic Handwriting Examination?

The list is endless: questioned signatures, alleged alterations, anonymous and disputed

letters/signatures on any deposit slip, certificates, applications, receipts, records, orders,

diplomas, licenses, insurance claims, cheques, leases, affidavits, wills, ransom notes, altered

medical records, official or personal documents, memos and more.

When necessary and should there be a valid sample analysis verification can also be done on graffiti,

walls, floors, mirrors and even car windows.

Is the methodology scientific, reliable and valid?
  • Scientific processes are followed in order to reach objective conclusions based on facts. Handwriting, signature or document identification is a process of analysis, comparison and evaluation and is reliable and valid.

How do you justify the validity of handwriting analysis and forensic handwriting examination
  • No two people write the same and the same person cannot even duplicate exactly what they have previously written.

  • There are individual characteristics unique to each particular handwriting which makes the handwriting/signature discernible from another person's handwriting/signature.

What do you need?

Please note the following important preliminary information. Each specific case will have its own requirements. Please complete the contact enquiry form and I will get back to you or contact me on 0825567121 or at

  • If possible, provide the originals of the documents containing the known and questioned signature(s) and/or handwriting.

  • Where possible, source signatures which have been written on similar documents.

  • Please go to                                                                                                                                                            for examples of possible sources.

  • Where possible, source signatures which have been written in more or less the same time frame as the questioned signatures.

  • Do not fold documents.

  • Do not staple documents. 

  • Do not mark documents in any way.

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