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Forensic Handwriting and Document Examination

Is the authenticity of a handwriting/signature/document under question or in dispute? Is it genuine, forged, an original, cut and paste, traced, simulated, altered?
Do you have reason to dispute or question signatures or handwriting?
Do you suspect that a document has been altered?

  • Based in Randburg/Johannesburg, South Africa, work is taken on nationally and internationally.​ 

  • My services include identifying the authenticity of disputed handwriting and/or signatures based on a study involving the comparison and identification of the samples which is supported by the level of significance of the similarities and dissimilarities. I follow the processes of a forensic signature, handwriting and document examiner and investigator.

  • My reports give my opinion based on scientific principles and clearly describe and outline in detail my findings. 



As a Handwriting Expert and Forensic Handwriting and Document Examiner, I provide an opinion as to whether signatures or handwriting or documents are authentic or not. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Identification and individualisation of handwriting and signatures; 

  • Awareness of the various factors that can interfere with handwriting (e.g., position of the writer, physical condition, influence of alcohol, medication, illness, writing surface and writing instruments

  • Knowledge and ability to distinguish forgery methods in handwriting

  • Knowledge and ability to collect known/reference handwriting exemplars suitable for comparison

  • Knowledge and ability to observe handwriting detail (pattern recognition)

  • Knowledge and ability to analyse, compare and evaluate handwriting characteristics of letters/words, ability to compare individual characteristics in questioned writing with known handwriting


I also examine the physical properties of documents e.g. paper, ink, additions and erasures to investigate fraud or document tampering. I do not offer a chemical analysis of paper and inks. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Identification and individualisation of typescript and typed and printed matter and stamped impressions

  • Identification of forgeries; erasures and addition

  • Deciphering of obscured writing and indentations

  • Any other examination concerning questioned documents and handwriting excluding ink and paper analysis

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