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Frequently asked questions - FAQ - Handwriting Analysis

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What is handwriting analysis?

Graphology or handwriting analysis is the science and skill of interpreting a ​person's

personality at the time of writing by analysing their handwriting​

Can you analyse handwriting if you have only the signature of the person?
  • A person’s signature represents only part of a person's personality. A holistic analysis of both the writing and signature will ensure a  more valid analysis.

Is handwriting analysis a science?
  • Extensive scientific research has been carried out since the inception of graphology. However, like all social and behavioural sciences, experience and interpretation are also valuable.

Do you need to meet the person whose handwriting is being analysed before the analysis?
  • No, there is no need for the graphologist to meet the writer.

When a person is asked to write a sample, they will purposefully write neatly or differently as to how they would normally write. How can the analayis be a true reflection in that case?
  • It is impossible to sustain manipulation of the writing - the writer resorts to his usual writing in a short space of time.

Can I submit a handwriting sample without the person knowing that I have done so?
  • Personality profiling is only done with the consent of the writer.  This is of course not the case with forensic handwriting examination. 

Why does your handwriting change over time and sometimes everyday?
  • There could be a number of reasons for this and also pertinent here is that our writing reflects our different moods and emotions as we go through different tribulations and stages in our lives. I would have to analyse the writing in order to get a better understanding.

If I have a short list of candidates for a job position, will handwriting analysis help me to make a decision about who is better suited?
  • Yes, I will compare the candidates on the same set of critical areas that would have already been discussed and decided upon with you to enable you to make a more informed decision.

Why do some people have two signatures?
  • There could be a number of different reasons for this and the writing would have to be analysed together with the signature before giving a definitive answer. 

Why do handwriting analysts ask for information regarding handedness, age, gender and in which country you learnt to write?
  • All of these criteria provide important information and cannot be seen from the handwriting. 

How can having the candidate for employment undergo a handwriting analysis be of help to me if I have already interviewed them and am satisfied that I understand the personality of the writer by and large?
  • Handwriting Analysis assists in picking up on areas that you may have felt needed further exploration during an interview but were not certain about at the time. In certain scenarios, having the results of the analysis at the interviewer’s fingertips can lead to exploration of areas that the interviewer may not have touched on providing an environment of total disclosure BEFORE employment.  It is a very practical clarification tool.

Why do we all write differently even though we attended similar writing classes?
  • As we develop, mature and experience changes  in our lives, our handwriting changes to reflect individual changes and this provides one of the basic foundations of the validity of handwriting analysis.

How do I go about having my or someone else's handwriting analysed?
  • A sample of handwriting is required per specific instructions. If you are a corporate client who would like a candidate’s handwriting analysed then a consent form is required to be completed by the candidate.
    Please complete an online enquiry and I will get back to you with the necessary instructions and consent form.

Why use handwriting analysis as opposed to psychometric testing?
  • There is place and value in different types of assessment tools. 

How long does it take to receive the analysis report?
  • This will be discussed on receipt of your enquiry.

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