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​I am a qualified and trained forensic document, handwriting and

signature examiner, statement analyst and handwriting analyst

based in Randburg/Johannesburg, South Africa.

Forensic Handwriting & Document Examination involves applying

special skills, expertise and knowledge in assessing, authenticating

and verifying disputed and undisputed fraudulent or genuine

signatures, handwriting and documents. 


Traditional selection and recruitment methods don't provide all the

answers nor guarantee successful placement of candidates.

Handwriting analysis; otherwise known as graphology, the psychology

of handwriting, is an alternative approach to assess the complexities of

personality and the dynamics of relationships at work and privately.

Terry is a member of:

  • The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences - U.K. (CSOFS) - Professional Member

  • The Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - U.S.A. (SAFE)

  • The International Association of Document Examiners - U.S.A (IADE) 

  • The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation - U.S.A. (AHAF)


     Published Article 

     "Is a forged signature an "apple" or a "fruit salad"?

  • New Criminal Law Codification Journal, Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics

       University of Wroclaw, Poland

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About Terry Elmaleh

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