Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting reveal about you?


Handwriting Analysis is a powerful and valuable additional clarification tool in finding the best person for the job, risk management, improving self-knowledge

and understanding the nature of your relationships.


Handwriting Analysis gives insight into the personal qualities of a writer such as:

  • general personality and character structure

  • social & interpersonal skills

  • intelligence

  • leadership and executive ability

  • communication skills

  • emotional maturity, confidence

  • temperament

  • motivation, drive, strengths, weaknesses, creativity

  • constitution

  • sales ability

  • concentration and memory abilities

  • areas of sensitivity and conflict

  • talents and competencies

  • work performance

  • gain insight into the more complex aspects of personality in order to better understand your employees.

  • confirm that you are employing the right person for the job.

  • increase the output of your sales force.

  • resolve the conflicts in your team.

  • identify the talent in your organisation to be developed and promoted

  • identify the employees that are candidates for succession planning

  • identify which of your employees is better suited to team work and who would be more productive working alone

  • establish whether your doubts about an employee are justified or not

  • handwriting analysis is an effective tool in answering these and other questions for your staffing requirements


  • understand and gain insight into the dynamics of your relationships 

  • explore compatibility concerns

  • ​personality profiling - is your tenant trustworthy?

  • career guidance

  • gain self-knowledge.

  • historical research

  • criminal investigations

DISCLAIMER: The reports that I provide constitute my own personal handwriting/document forensic examiner/statement analyser expertise and opinion. All reports are treated as confidential. No handwriting analyses will be undertaken without agreement to terms and conditions which include the consent of the writer except for forensic handwriting/document examination cases where consent is not always available.


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