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  • Terry Elmaleh

Does handwriting analysis give information on personality characteristics such as: Is perfectionism

Perfectionism as seen in handwriting analysis can be both functional and productive and the opposite.

When the perfectionist is striving for better and can maintain strong motivation to attain higher standards then it is not negative - achieving more in a balanced and healthy way without any pressure can only be constructive. this type of perfectionism is owned by the driver of such behaviour and the standards are very often set by themselves.

When it is maladaptive or dysfunctional there is guilt surrounding what has not been accomplished and/or around wishes that have not been fulfilled rather than what has been accomplished. This in turn leads to anxiety and even shame - without question destructive.

Such individuals are living up to perceived evaluations of themselves by others (which they then internalise) and instead of producing higher standards in their work and relationships suffer from amongst other things, inaction and procrastination.

Handwriting analysis can identify either of these types of perfectionism.

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