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  • Terry Elmaleh

Is neat handwriting a positive indicator in handwriting analysis

"Oh - my handwriting is so untidy and totally illegible......"

If the candidate for employment has neat handwriting is this going to guarantee that they are the right candidate for the job?

Well… the short answer is twofold. It depends on, first of all on what the measure of neat handwriting is and through whose eyes this is determined. Second of all, what the employee will be doing? Does this person need to stay in the box or out? Do you want to employ someone who is mediocre or has special talents? Someone who uses their brain differently; in a productive manner or does this person merely have to follow instructions?

How far away we move from the writing forms that we were taught at school is a factor that handwriting analysts look at when analysing handwriting and what the layman may consider to be untidy handwriting may in fact have positive indicators for a writer who has devised his own individual intelligent formations.

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