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Thank you for visiting Handwriting Analyst. Read on for an explanation as to what forensic handwriting examination is and how handwriting analysis - graphology - works. 

Forensic Handwriting and Signature Analysis and Examination is the application of scientific methods and techniques to investigate whether handwriting or signatures are genuine, altered, fraudulent; traced, copied or simulated.

The handwriting analyst is able to tell you what your handwriting says about your personality at the time of writing. Handwriting Analysis is the psychology of handwriting.

Terry Elmaleh, Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Forensic Handwriting and Signature Analysis, Examination and Investigation

  • Handwriting Analysis

  • Employment Screening

  • Personality Profiling

  • Leadership Development

  • Statement Analysis

  • Wellness days

  • Career guidance

  • Compatibility studies for business and personal use

Disputed writing or signatures are analysed and verified for their authenticity and genuineness for legal, business or personal evaluations. Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, reveals the personality characteristics of the writer.Discover more about a person's talents, competencies, strengths and general character structure through handwriting analysis.

As a handwriting expert and professional graphologist my work concerns the analysing of handwriting and signatures in the following areas:

  • Human resources: recruiting, pre-employment screening, employee engagement, personality profiling, personality testing, sales management, operations management, change management, leadership development, executive personality profiling, compatibility analyses, executive development, organisational development, conflict resolution, employee relations, career development, team building for outcome based results. Ensure that you are employing the right person for the job.

  • Insurance industry: any investigation involving fraud detection for all handwriting and signature analysis for applications, statements and claims.

  • Corporate fraud: any investigation involving internal theft, suspected falsification of information or documentation, anonymous letters.

  • Medical fraud

  • Legal matters: any investigation involving handwriting and signature analysis for on sales and charge slips, leases, disguised writing, applications, affidavits, anonymous notes, threatening letters, graffiti, business and personal letters, forged cheques, contracts, contested wills and any other handwriting that is under dispute.

  • Career path direction and choices: Affirm your career direction,understand your personal relationships and ensure that you are employing the right person for the job.

  • Marketing industry: logo analysis for marketing strategy, branding and identity

  • Wellness days

  • Individual personality analyses:understand your personal relationships

  • Compatibility analyses for business and private clients.

Terry is a member of :

The International Association of Document Examiners - U.S.A (IADE) 

The Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners - U.S.A. (SAFE)

The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation - U.S.A. (AHAF)

The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences - U.K. (CSOFS) - Professional Member

DISCLAIMER: The reports that I provide consitute my own personal forensic examiner/professional graphologist/statement analyser expertise and opinion. All reports are treated as confidential. No handwriting analyses will be undertaken without agreement to terms and conditions which include the consent of the writer except for forensic handwriting examination cases where consent is not always available.

elmaleh@netactive.co.za  Terry Elmaleh +27(0)825567121

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