Other uses of Handwriting Analysis

Terry Elmaleh, Handwriting Analyst, offers Forensic Handwriting Examination services and Handwriting Analysis solutions for private and corporate clients as well as statement analysis. ​The additional uses of handwriting analysis are varied and range from branding and marketing strategies and career path directions to forensic handwriting and signature investigations. 

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, work is taken on nationally and internationally.

Handwriting and signature investigations
  • Forensic Handwriting and Signature Analysis, Examination and Identification

Marketing and branding strategies including logo analysis
  • Handwriting Analysis will give you an interesting and valuable perspective on the branding messages of your logo which is a central part to your marketing and branding strategies. Understand what your logo says about your company

Historical research
  • Have you always wondered you wrote an old letter?

  • Who signed that document of sentimental value? 

  • What was that person who you didn't personally meet like?

Business and personal compatability analyses
  • The employee candidate or business partner may fit the profile from an experience point of view, but do they share your corporate culture and vision for your company?

  • Do you understand whether you are compatible with an intended partner or tenant?

Career guidance and forward planning
  • You have been working towards a certain career path but no longer feel that this is the correct way forward. Check your handwriting to see where your talents and skills lie.

  • Are you completing your schooling and need a direction of where your talents and skills like. What are you good at?

Self-knowledge and understanding
  • Discover more about yourself and what makes you "tick"

  • Find out how others experience you?

DISCLAIMER: The reports that I provide consitute my own personal forensic examiner/professional graphologist/statement analyser expertise and opinion. All reports are treated as confidential. No handwriting analyses will be undertaken without agreement to terms and conditions which include the consent of the writer except for forensic handwriting examination cases where consent is not always available.

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