Human Resource uses of Handwriting Analysis

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is a reliable, valuable and powerful indicator of personality and character that is best used in the workplace with a combination of other methods of measuring personality.

Pre-employment screening
  • includes individual competencies/profiling for specific jobs

  • risk management by red flagging potential negative and undesired behaviours

Interview consultation
  • recruitment and selection interview consultation

  • post analysis using information gleaned from the analysis to ensure effective questioning and gathering of information.

Employee management strategies
  • individual attraction and retention strategies

  • identifying possible intervention areas for employee well-being and satisfaction 

Career suitability
  • Forward career guidance

Leadership fitness and development
  • does the candidate have the potential for leadership?

  • succession planning

  • promotion/development suitability

Team building
  • improve employee relationships

  • understand the dynamics of a team, how they impact each other and what processes they need individually to increase productivity

Performance management strategies
  • are your sales staff closing deals? if not, why not?

  • alternative methods of understanding how to manage performance 

  • are your employees reaching their potential and if not, why not?

DISCLAIMER: The reports that I provide consitute my own personal forensic examiner/professional graphologist/statement analyser expertise and opinion. All reports are treated as confidential. No handwriting analyses will be undertaken without agreement to terms and conditions which include the consent of the writer except for forensic handwriting examination cases where consent is not always available.  Terry Elmaleh +27(0)825567121

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