Benefits of Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis is a powerful and valuable clarification tool in finding the best person for the job, improving self-knowledge and understanding the nature of your relationships.

  • There is no need to meet the writer.


  • Because there is no need to meet the writer, face-to face objectivity is not compromised by the appearance or eloquence of the candidate.


  • Graphology is an additional or alternative method of hiring staff. Making use of a combination of different methods brings the employer closer to placing the best applicant into the job.


  • It is a very useful tool in confirming impressions made in an interview or a fill-in tool when other personality tests have not given you all the data you would prefer to have. 



  • It is one of the most effective ways of assessing personality as it is impossible to sustain manipulation or candidate acquiescence.


  • Studies have shown that personality, rather than experience, education, age or gender is responsible for job success.


  • Identify possible intervention areas for employee well being and personal well being.


  • Effect better team building and employee relationships.


  • It is easy to submit a sample for handwriting analysis. All that is required is at least 20 lines written on an A4 unlined page. See instructions on how to submit. Please note that for corporate clients a consent form has to be completed as well. Please complete the enquiry form and I will forward it to you.

















  • Better understand yourself and thereby grow in your own personal development


  • Better understand the personalities and motivations of those closest to you.


  • It is useful in making decisions about career choices.


DISCLAIMER: The reports that I provide consitute my own personal forensic examiner/professional graphologist/statement analyser expertise and opinion. All reports are treated as confidential. No handwriting analyses will be undertaken without agreement to terms and conditions which include the consent of the writer except for forensic handwriting examination cases where consent is not always available.  Terry Elmaleh +27(0)825567121

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